Skills, Technologies, Disciplines Within Robotics

This list shows skill areas you will meet, learn, and master as you build your unique set of robots through your hobby and professional robotics career! 

  • Project management

  • Chassis design, structural engineering, precise measurements

  • Inverse kinetics for robotic movement

  • Effectors and other "hands" for robots

  • Weight distribution and traction for racing robots

  • paint, artwork, the "cosmetic" effects on human-like or android robots

  • Materials engineering, plastics, acrylics, aluminum, fiberboard

  • 3D design and CAD software, parametric drafting

  • 3D Printing

  • Adhesives and gluing

  • Fasteners; standard and metric measurements

  • Milling and CNC

  • Welding

  • Analog and digital electronics, Ohm's law and theory

  • Multimeters and other electronic test tools

  • Electric battery charging and maintenance

  • Soldering

  • Software development, especially in C, C++ and Python

    •     state machines, interrupts, sensor input integration

    •     real-time systems, libraries, algorithms

  • Machine learning, neural networks, and artificial intelligence -  as applicable to robots

  • When to use a microprocessor versus a microcontroller

  • Servos and PWM control

  • DC motor controllers and design

  • Brushed and brushless electric motors

  • Linux and other operating systems

  • Bluetooth, WiFi, I2C, TCP/IP and networking; system integration

  • Cloud AI systems: Google's Tensorflow, Amazon's AWS, and Microsoft's Azure AI and Connect();

  • Developing Android phone apps for robot remote control

  • Processor capacity planning: how to select the best one(s) for the robot

  • Sensor technologies, IR, ultrasonic, LIDAR, switches and others

  • Voice recognition and text-to-speech

  • Video image recognition and image processing

  • Circuit design; circuit board design and production

  • Working well with others and presenting your robot projects! 


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