Stories and events that are near and dear to every Roboticist.


April Woah!
Pandemic Woes Continue.....

After having the gracious Andra Keay present on the ninth; the Techroom finishes Multi-club online hosting duties with Show and Tell  on the 24th at 10a.m.


Missing May  
Pandemic Woes Continue.....

The Techroom Robotics Club cancels its May meeting.  Online meeting with Robotics Society of Southern California and Riverside Robotics Society proceed.  Dr. Bruce presents and previous meetings can be seen on Riverside Robotics Meetup page.


Jumping January  
The wait is over, we're back!

The Techroom Robotics Club returns for its sixth(6)season. We had some delightful surprises as we kicked off  this months' meeting learning about ADA and audio mass production.....


So Long September

With food and drinks in hand, We celebrated the close of our fifth year together!  Many Thanks to those who have helped us and could not attend!


Joy in July 
Our  after the fourth celebration!

A closer look at sensors, wall followers, 3D printing and more.......


 Jumping  June
With our June Meeting  finished,

June's festivities continue with the line follower contest at the Riverside Robotics Society and later at  AT&T's SHAPE conference.



Mechcanical May
Did you know about Our Annual  group  photo day!     Members gathered for photos, friends, fun and  robots(of course)!